Accept Credit Cards

No Merchant Account Needed!

Now you can take full advantage of Wahmcart Solutions even if you don’t have, don’t want or can’t get a merchant account!

Integration is easy and totally seamless with the most popular 3rd Party Processors Online today. You can automate your entire eBusiness (including real-time credit card processing and instant digital delivery) with your existing or new PayPal account.   If you don’t have an account and you want to accept credit cards online, sign up with Paypal right here or your own merchant account below.

Of course, you can also use your own Merchant Account and real-time gateway. We support all the leading merchant account providers:, QuickCommerce/ E-Commerce Exchange, EMS, eProcessingNetwork, PaymentPlanet and SkipJack.

PayPal for Business Owners

Wahmcart HIGHLY recommends PayPal is your merchant provider.  With Paypal, you don’t have monthly gateway fees — you only pay a percentage per transaction and you’re not billed when transactions aren’t coming through.

This guide takes you through some of the important functions of using PayPal for business. It does include step-by-step help for creating invoices and using other important features.

  • Create & Manage Invoices: Helps you easily create itemized invoices for your customers and clients.
  • Mass Payment: How to pay affiliates, bonuses and more to multiple recipients in one transaction…without having the recipient incur any PayPal fees.
  • Reports: How to create monthly sales reports, financial statements and transaction reports.

Only $5



Merchant Accounts

Although we are fully integrated for automation with the above 3rd Party Processors, having your own merchant account adds to your credibility as an eMerchant, and can increases your sale by up to 1500%!

Plus you get instant account activation so you can start accepting credit card within minutes. If you live in the United States, this is for you!

We are Authorized Resellers for For additional information and a no obligation form, ‘right click’ your mouse here to download the easy to read pdf. Then, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.