Income CPR Review

Name Of The Product: InfoProduct Profits Uncovered
Where You Can Buy It:
My indepth review: click here

Product Description:
This monthly course was created to help infoproduct sellers to make more money from their efforts.

The sales page says …
Do you Know How to Make More Money from your Existing Business?

Here are a few of the things you can do:

  1. Get More Traffic and Exposure to your Offer
  2. Improve your Sales Message so that a Higher Percentage of People Buy Who Come to your Offer
  3. Grow your Lists so you Can Get Your Message in Front of More People More Often
  4. Put in Place Backend Offers So you Can Sell More Items to More People
  5. Lessen the Number of Refunds so you Keep More Customers
  6. Reduce Expenses so you Keep More of the Money that You Make

And, those are some of the areas that will be covered in this course.

Who This Product is Intended for:
Anyone who has gone through the effort of creating an infoproduct and is thinking “what now”?.

This course is  for you if you are an information marketer of some sort:

  • Wrote an ebook
  • Sell tutorials online
  • Run a coaching program
  • Run an affiliate program
  • Started a membership site
  • Run a PLR site

The owner of this site, Nicole Dean, has tons of experience in affiliate management and affiliate marketing. She’s also got a very responsive list and has created products in a variety of niches.

She’s promised to show actual examples of what’s working in her business – not just tell you what to do — but how and why.  A long awaited product in my opinion.

In the first lesson, she talks about mistakes that she made – and places where, if she’d done things a bit differently, how she’d have had better results.  She broke down some things that were very easy to implement in about an hour! Seriously?  So far, she’s one of a handful of successful internet marketers who’s spilling the beans.  Thumbs UP!

The extra cool thing about this program is that Nicole is recruiting affiliates for the members. She charges a lot per hour, so getting access to her network of affiliates for only $10 is pretty awesome.

If you’re thinking of getting started with an infoproduct business but are completely new, this course might be a tad bit confusing for you because she’s not telling you how to write an infoproduct.

DISCLAIMER: I’m an affiliate for Nicole Dean and will earn a commission if you buy Income CPR through my link above. I highly recommend this course and am a paying member myself.  However, like with any other purchase your make, you should still do your own due diligence before you buy anything.